New Release: Stir of Shadows

Marigold has never felt like she truly belonged with her family. And neither has Frederick. When a phoenix feather brings the young teens together for the first time, they finally understand why: they are twins, separated as children.

The two soon learn they have other siblings, and that if they successfully reunite with their brother and sister before the feather bursts into flame, they will all fulfill otherworldly destinies. What they don’t know is that their mysterious sister is a villainous witch who has been trapped in the cover of a grimoire to keep the world safe from her murderous scorn.

Meanwhile, Teagan finds herself in a hopeless situation and faces losing her tail forever. Time’s running out, and it’s up to Asher and Ariana to save her.

Will Asher and Ariana save Teagan in time?

Will Marigold and Frederick risk releasing the witch to make their dreams come true?

And if they do, will the land of Rhyme ever be the same?

Find out, as the Legend continues.

Get lost in another world. Get lost in the Legend of Rhyme.

Jaime Lee Mann has written a series of middle grade fiction novels featuring magic spells, ancient immortals, a horrible goblin, and plenty of adventure for two brave tweens, Ariana and Asher Caine.

The Legend of Rhyme series (Elora of Stone, Into Coraira, Teagan of Tomorrow, Second Twin, Blood and Stars, and Stir of Shadows) is  available on AmazonIndigo, and at select book stores in Prince Edward Island.

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