A Stir of Shadows in The Buzz

My book release has made the local entertainment newspaper. If you’re not in PEI to grab a copy of The Buzz, you can read the article here. The Bookmark placed an ad in this month’s issue, as well, highlighting the literary events they’re hosting in September… I am in excellent company.

Speaking of articles, Sarah and I did an interview together last week about our author/illustrator relationship. I will share that with you when it’s published.

Yesterday, my girls and I went to Charlottetown to do a bunch of errands, including picking up my veggie box from the Farmer’s Market, buying groceries, and getting some new clothes for back to school. Somehow, all of that took about six hours. I’m not sure how that’s possible. Oh wait. We also went to the book store so they could spend some of their birthday gift cards and I don’t rush children through book stores. So that took awhile.

By the time we got home and everything was put away, it was almost time for me to start supper. I made risotto with some of the cherry tomatoes and arugula that was my my veggie share. Yum. And bacon.

Mmmm bacon and tomatoes.

One of our neighbours dropped off a bag full of veggies for us last week. Green peppers, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, and two jars of pickled beets. Thank you Steven, aka Sam’s dad! I love living in PEI.

Shelby has been asking for tacos to be added to the Mann menu for awhile now, so that’s what we’ll be having today. (You’re welcome, Shelby.)

Now I better go and do some of that writing people pay me for. This afternoon I’ll be heading to Rhyme. I hope. I will be bringing my notebook with me to the Brudenell Golf Course where my husband and I are going to be volunteering for a fundraising golf tournament that my brother organized. Our job is to witness the Hole-in-One green. It’s a beautiful day for sitting on a golf course. This will be the first time I have ever been on a golf course, so I only assume it’s a nice place to be.

Anyway, I send you warm Labour Day Weekend wishes. I hope it’s filled with lovely things and lovely people. xo

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  1. Shelby

    TACOS! Oh, I just noticed that they spelt your name wrong, I mean it says your name on the cover of your book that they put right beside your face, but you’re not alone. I mean half my teachers at school call me Casey.

    1. Post

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