30 Random Things About JL

        1. I was named Jaime Lee, after my dad, Jamie. (I was the first of four kids, so whether I was a boy or a girl, I was going to be a Jaime. Or a Jamie.) Most of my old friends (friends I’ve had forever, not friends who are old), call me Jaime Lee, and most of my new friends call me Jaime. I answer to anything.
        2. The beach below my parents' house, where I grew up. This is where I would go to write my stories. It's magic there.

          The beach below my parents’ house, where I grew up. This is where I would go to write my stories. It’s magic there.

          I’m not all that crazy about chocolate.

        3. I am crazy about kale.
        4. My first book was called The Tarantula Seed. I wrote it in grade 3 or 4. I really need to find that book.
        5. I am very disorganized. I have a messy office and always try to be neat and tidy, but I am not good at it.
        6. I prefer writing down notes with a pencil and paper to typing on a computer.
        7. Christmas is my favourite.
        8. I am a terrible singer,  but my little girls love when I sing to them. (I think they might need hearing tests.)
        9. I don’t let myself play Angry Birds or The Sims anymore because I tend to display addictive behaviour when it comes to those two games.
        10. I am an excellent Blokus player. If you have never played it, you should.
        11. My favourite way to listen to music is on a record player. I love everything from Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones, to Billie Holiday and Ray Charles.
        12. My feet are freakishly wide for a small person. I’ve been told I should be a very good swimmer because they are quite like flippers.
        13. I have one regret in life: not wearing my retainer enough after my braces came off.
        14. I love wearing dresses and I hate wearing socks. I like the thought of wearing blazers, but they don’t suit me. I always feel like I’m playing dress up.
        15. I don’t like shopping. (Unless it’s for dresses.)
          Other things you might want to know about me (according to my 7 year old.)

          Other things you might want to know about me (according to my 7 year old.)

        16. I have never outgrown fairy tales.
        17. I have two kittens, named Squeezy and Gizmo.
        18. I think the beach is the best thing ever.
        19. I secretly enjoy blinding snow storms.
        20. I also think family game night is the best thing ever.
        21. I adore nature walks, and my husband always says I should be a trail guide because I know a lot of things about plants.
        22. I love cooking, and I make everything from scratch. Even ketchup and mayonnaise.
        23. My glass is always half full. (And we’re fortunate to have a glass in the first place.)
        24. I don’t mind sitting in restaurants by myself.
        25. When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a writer, and I dreamed of being a mother. So, I know that dreams come true.
        26. I am a very fast typist. The last time I was timed, I could type more than 120 words per minute.
        27. I used to be a waitress, and I was very good at it.
        28. I can not keep plants alive.
        29. Airplanes make me nervous. Well, not so much the planes as being in a metal tube in the clouds.
        30. One day I want to learn how to play guitar.