Blood and Stars ARC now available

Summer has finally arrived in Prince Edward Island and I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside working on my next book while we get ready to launch number five!

In case you missed it, Blood and Stars will be published on September 12th. I am very proud of this one. I don’t like to pick favourites… but I think it’s my favourite!

If you’re a book reviewer, I would love your eyes on this one! It’s up for review on Netgalley now.

Cheers for now!

(PS: ARC for anyone who doesn’t know, stands for Advance Review Copy)

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  1. Kerah

    I’ve enjoyed this book lots!! In fact I’ve read the whole series and so far its been such a great adventure for me. I highly recommend the legend of rhyme series for anyone out there who loves to read fantasy/adventure stories or maybe if your just trying to look for that perfect book to buy and read:)

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