Clacking and quacking

Good morning!

I woke up early to get a jump on the day because it’s going to be another one filled with delivering children here and there and fitting in work around life.

I love having my coffee in the morning when it’s so quiet that the only sounds are the crickets chirping and my keys clacking.

Speaking of things that rhyme with clack, yesterday I visited a duck pond.

I was finished with my meetings and my errands (school supply shopping is done, yo) and I was early for my daughter’s band camp pick up, so I wandered over to a nearby little sanctuary thing. An older lady had just finished tossing several loaves worth of bread crusts to the seagulls and supposedly also the ducks, but seagulls are greedy, so not sure how much the ducks got. Which is fine because I am pretty sure bread is bad for ducks. I don’t think it will hurt seagulls, though, because they eat everything.

Anyway, so, I’m at the duck pond, sitting on a bench. I have my notepad with me, to do some writing, and I notice that along with the ducks floating on the pond, there is a big green laundry detergent container. One of the lady ducks kept bumping into it with her bill. I’m not sure what she thought it was, but it made me sad.

I found it ironic that I was there to work on my next book which features a very angry Mother Earth. You can see the picture I took of the scene, on my Instagram feed.

Oh the Shishito peppers and Halloumi cheese were delicious, by the way.

I also have the cake ordered for next month’s book launch party, and my friends at Blue Moon Publishers have finished a design for me that I was waiting on to order some swag for the event, and for the Street Team kits! So fun 🙂

On that note, I’m going to go and write a blog post for one client, and work a marketing piece for another client, and hopefully my day will end with a return to Rhyme.

Please don’t litter.

Peace. xo

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  1. Shelby

    What about all that graffiti on the benches that you couldn’t even read so there’s no point of even vandalizing it. You didn’t happen to catch a picture of that? It was so sad and the ducks looked lonely, (Marvin, Gladys and Mickey.) they probably don’t have any company, unless you consider that laundry detergent bottle COMPANY. ):

    1. Post

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