First Indigo book signing? Awesome.

Jaime Lee Mann, Canadian author

On February 28, I was hanging out at Indigo Charlottetown, meeting young readers and signing copies of Elora of Stone. I had an absolutely wonderful day.

Jaime Lee Mann book signing

I had my friend, Tara Stewart, come by and take some pictures to capture the event for my Toronto publishing team (since they couldn’t up and fly to Charlottetown for the afternoon. Hmph.).


A highlight of the afternoon for me, was when my childhood friend Regan dropped by with his wife and their twins. Since the Legend of Rhyme series follows boy/girl twins, it was neat to have these two stop by.Legend of Rhyme book signing

And another highlight was getting hugs and praise from this little squirt.


The Indigo staff members were so warm, friendly, and accommodating. I really did enjoy the afternoon. The store manager promised to have me back to promote the second book in the series, Into Coraira, which will be released in May. So if you missed this event, maybe I’ll catch you next time!

Jaime Lee Mann, PEI author


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  1. Krystal

    I’m glad your book signing was a hit! I’m also glad I got to hang with the author afterwards 😉 Congratulations on everything and I wish you all the success in the world with this and all of your future books. I can’t wait to see how the adventure continues 🙂


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