I have Rhyme BUTTONS!

Two exciting things happened to me today…

  1. I got an email from the province of Prince Edward Island to tell me that my drinking water is safe (woot!)

Sorry for yelling, but the buttons are SO SWEET AND I LOVE THEM! I can’t wait to put my Street Team kits together and to get these little lovelies into the hands (and onto the backpacks) of my fans. I will bring a dozen or so to my book launch, too.

I plan to get more buttons made and what I would really like is to have them made in different designs to encourage trading. Fun? Yes. This will be the first design of many (Thank you Blue Moon Publishers), and I had only 70 of them printed.

Drinking water is exciting too. We have our own well, so it’s a good idea to get our water tested on a regular basis to make sure it’s safe. Confession: We have not had our water tested since… (gulp) well it hasn’t been tested since we bought our house almost ten years ago. (oops)

I wasn’t putting this off on purpose. Testing our water really just wasn’t on my radar because a million other things have been on my mind instead. Anyway, luckily, we had zero (zilch, nadda, none) bacteria show up in our water and the chemical test came back clear too, so yay! Safe drinking water!

This is something we take for granted here in Canada and I am just so grateful for clean water.

In other news, I heard a rumor that there’s an Amish farm about ten minutes away from my house selling Gladiolus on the side of the road. Naturally, I asked my husband to check it out on his way home from work, and because he had $2 in his pocket and the stems cost $1 each, he bought two. He’s a big spender, that guy.

So pretty. I instagrammed the purple one. Is instagram a verb now? I think so.

I spent most of the day at the Charlottetown Farmer’s Market at a booth selling tickets, so I didn’t get a lot of work done, but I think I filled up my karma cup.

I heard from my publisher again about Stir of Shadows… my book copies have been ordered. Amazing!!!

I got to have some time with my mother and I also ate delicious Persian food for lunch. Score.

Now, I am going to head back to Rhyme (I was there at 5am with Asher and Ariana and I miss them) and I will check in with you again tomorrow.

How was your day?

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  1. Shelby

    I still think that it looks like a person from the living room. How can you NOT see it? Like out of the corner of my eye when I’m not paying attention.

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