Kids growing up and I love my sister.

Aaaaaaahhh. That was a deep breath, not a scream.

A great big exhale because it’s the weekend and I am not doing anything except writing and relaxing. And realistically, probably laundry and some cooking.

I had such a ridiculously chaotic week that even with cooking and some cleaning, this day already feels magical and it’s hardly begun.

My daughters are getting ready to go spend some time babysitting my friend’s kids. Yay for a quiet house, but how are my babies growing up so fast? Now that my oldest is thirteen years old, I’ve started writing YA fiction to keep up with her interests. Maybe if I continue writing stuff she reads, she will always like me.

It’s a working theory.

Last night, my sister, mother, uncle and I had tickets to go see Jesus Christ Superstar in Charlottetown. Many elements of the show, I do not remember from church, and I will leave it at that.

I love spending time with my family. My sister is my best friend and I can always count on her to… well… I can always count on her. She’s the best.

Remember how I wrote her into Blood and Stars?

This is Krystal and I in real life. She doesn’t have an actual tail that I know of. Oh, in this photo you can see the map of Rhyme on the wall behind my head. Krystal and illustrator Sarah conspired together to have it put on canvas for me, for Christmas a couple years ago. Aww.

Speaking of my characters, I’m going to be placing my order with Blue Moon this week to get copies of Stir of Shadows because it’s coming out in like three weeks!!

I can’t wait to finally curl up today with Ancient Fall and get some serious writing done on the final book in the series. When you’re writing a book about Mother Earth taking the planet back after how humankind has treated her, there certainly is no shortage of real life news stories right now to draw from.

The fact that the sun and moon over Prince Edward Island are shrouded by a plume of smoke from the fires on the other side of the country… it’s kind of unthinkable.

On that note, though, I’m going to go and see if Asher and Ariana can help the state of the world and hopefully save us all.

Hmm, here’s an idea. In my blog post tomorrow, I’ll share something I write today. That will motivate me.

What are you up to this weekend? Maybe if you’re out and about you could pick up some litter or plant a tree? xo



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  1. Krystal Mills

    I love you too, my sister. Thanks for the random Mexican food and being my date for the show last night! Heading to Art in the Open this afternoon – I’m sure I’ll be able to find some litter to discard of, as requested 😉 Leave the laundry, and enjoy writing your day away!

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  2. Shelby

    How do you look so alike in that picture when in person, you don’t look the same, or even that similar at all.

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