Life after the pan explosion

My oven still contains broken glass and chicken drippings from Wednesday’s pan explosion incident. I mentioned said incident to my friend Phil at the gym this morning and right away, he said, “Did any of the glass hit you?”

Man. I hadn’t thought of that. Thankfully, no, but my personal safety never really entered my mind. Weird. Phil has my back, though, apparently. Thanks, Phil.

I’ve been slowly working on cleaning up the glass, but it’s a gross job and I’ve been putting it off. I’m an expert procrastinator. I probably should get to that, though, because I can’t go indefinitely without an oven, and it’s just going to get grosser. I wish I could make my kids do it, but it’s probably not the nicest chore, to stick your children in a greasy oven filled with glass.


I have a ton of writing for clients to do today (which I should be doing now #procrastinator) but I hope to get to Ancient Fall tonight and over the weekend. That’s the next/last book in the LOR series and I’m pretty excited about it. I’m structuring it differently than the other books, and continuing with one common storyline all the way through, instead of bouncing back and forth and in between different realms. That’s the plan, anyway. We’ll see if that makes it through the editing phase!

I’ll check in again tomorrow morning and fill you in on the tasks I’ll be procrastinating on at that time.


JL xo

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