November ramblings

Hey, guys! It’s SO nice to see you!

It has been a RIDICULOUS autumn in my world, let me tell ya.

I’ve been busy celebrating the September release of Second Twin. I still sort of can’t believe that book happened. It’s a blur. I did a bit of an Atlantic Canadian book tour with that, traveling to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, sharing the Legend of Rhyme.

While that was happening, I was also wrapping up the first draft of book 5 in the series… Blood and Stars. I am in love with that book! It’s currently with Christine for edits and I’ll be head-down focusing on that next month so that it is ready for Blue Moon Publishers in the new year!

I’m also picking away at my first feature screenplay in my spare time (ha ha ha spare time). Yes! I’m writing a movie and it is a crazy fun process. I’ll tell you more about that another day. It is not a Legend of Rhyme film, just in case you were wondering. I can tell you that much.

And besides all of that, I am booked solid with freelance writing projects! I’m writing a bunch of memoirs right now, a couple of websites, and all kinds of other things.

I feel like I’m writing for 12-13 hours per day. Loving it, but I think I might need a day off at some point, here 🙂

What else can I tell you…

  • It’s *almost* time to celebrate the two year anniversary of Elora of Stone!
  • I’m getting ready to do a few school visits (Souris, Montague, Mount Stewart) and book store appearances over the next couple of months (The Bookmark, Coles Summerside), so there is never a dull moment!
  • I’m going to a Chantal Kreviazuk concert next week with my friend Starla (the mermaid’s namesake!) and I am SO excited because I love her. Chantal. And Starla. And the mermaid…
  • I’m currently obsessed with eating potatoes. White potatoes, sweet potatoes, all kinds of potatoes. I can’t get enough for some reason. Boiled, baked, roasted, potato soup, potato curry… I might turn into a potato.
  • We’re doing a family read aloud of the Chronicles of Narnia <3 One of my favourite reads of ALL time. And we’re at the best part… The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Have you read this CS Lewis classic? It should be required reading.

I think that’s it for now.

If you have time, please leave a comment and let me know what you’re up to these days!


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