School Tour underway! (Thank you Spring Park & Montague Cons.)

Legend of Rhyme

What a fun couple of days I’ve had, visiting with big, ambitious groups of students at Spring Park Elementary and Montague Consolidated. I did a lot of reading, signed some autographs (which is a very strange feeling, by the way, guys!), and answered a LOT of questions. Questions like:

Do you love writing books? (yes)

How old were you when you knew you wanted to write books? (i was in grade three)

Is there one underlying moral throughout the Legend of Rhyme series, or does each book have its own? (loved that question!! and the answer is that there *is* an underlying moral… that things aren’t always as they appear)

I’ve had parents and teachers tell me how inspired many of the students are after I visit. Some of these children dream of being authors and seeing a real live author and being able to make that connection between a book they love and the person who wrote it is a cool thing. I get that! I felt the same way when authors would visit my class when I was their age.

But, the thing is, I leave these visits WAY more inspired than the kids. I am getting reactions from my words in real time. I’m hearing comments like:

  • This should be a movie!
  • You should make a graphic novel out of these!
  • You’re such a good writer!
  • I want to read every book you ever write!

Makes it a whole lot easier to keep writing, when I see that people are reading and enjoying the books.

Anyway, after I publish this post, I’m going to spend an hour working on my next novel and I’m going to take some of the energy I sucked up from the students I met this week, and put that into the words. They should be good ones, because the students at Spring Park and Montague schools are awesome. <3


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