I had a great week and this evening when I was picking my Shelby up from her first gymnastics class, it got even better.

A girl came up to me and told me she loves my books. My books!


Apparently, the Legend of Rhyme series came up in conversation at gymnastics, and this girl’s mother recognized me as being the author of the books. She told me her daughter and her friends share the books around and really enjoy reading them. I felt like I was meeting a celebrity at that moment, and I was totally starstruck. A real live fan! I asked the girl if I could give her a hug and I invited her family to the Stir of Shadows book launch. I hope they come.

I can’t even begin to explain the feeling of encountering someone who has read my books and is patiently awaiting the next in the series. I don’t know who could be more exciting to meet than one of my readers. It’s my favourite.❤️

So that was the highlight of my week, but overall, as I mentioned, it was a great few days. I accomplished a bunch of work, added hundreds of words to Ancient Fall, and I even got back to the gym. The kids are in school again, and life is good.

Oh, speaking of the launch, I stopped by The Bookmark on Thursday to chat with the staff about the event. Plans are shaping up! There *may* be some fancy cookies to sample, in addition to the very special cake I’ve ordered from Candi’s Cakes. If you’re in downtown Charlottetown in the coming days, keep an eye on the Queen Street window at The Bookmark because I *think* there’s going to be a special Rhyme display taking shape there!

And if you have yet to start reading the series, or if you’ve been planning on buying it, anyone who purchases the entire set of six books at the launch will save 15%. Everybody loves saving money on books, right?

In other exciting news, I spent most of my day cleaning. That’s not very exciting news, but my house does feel very nice right now. I think I’ll go and enjoy it by doing some writing.

I’ll check in again soon. xo




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