Stir of Shadows Book Launch Party Update!

Stir of Shadows

I have been waiting for the moment when I could finally take the time to sit down and compose my thoughts about the launch of my new book. One week later, this is that moment.

Yesterday I went through all of the 100+ photos that my dear friend/dedicated book launch photographer (Tara Stewart) sent me and I’ve chosen a few to share with you here to give you a sense of how the book launch went. I’ll share a ton more on my social media feeds, so if you’re interested in all of the photographic details, please check my Facebook Page!

Bookmark staff was on hand to sell copies of all books in the series. (As far as I know, for all of you local people, I believe they are the only location in PEI to have received copies of the new book. So, besides it being a nice thing to do, supporting your independent book store, it might be the only local option as of this very moment. Indigo and Coles will be getting copies, but I know for sure Bookmark is stocked!)

Those beautiful flowers in the background were a gift from my editor/friend Christine. Aren’t they pretty? I was spoiled and also was given flowers by my parents and my husband.

Legend of Rhyme

There was plenty of swag on hand for #MannFans! Stickers and book plates, and colouring books, and buttons!

Legend of Rhyme fan swag

I ordered a cake for the event, and Bookmark brought along some special cookies. I had a litter-less lunch set to give away as a door prize. It was popular.

Aren’t the cookies sweet?

I always find events like this to be a tad stressful, not knowing whether or not anyone will actually come (September is busy!), but we filled all of the seats and actually had to get more chairs. Phew! It was wonderful to see so many people come out to support the new book. Especially the young readers who made their parents give up an evening. I love every one of you!

The man behind the podium in the photo below is Hugh MacDonald. He is an island author and he was my high school creative writing teacher. He also is the man who inspired me to keep on writing. I’m not sure if I would be doing any of this if it weren’t for him. It was very special to have him introduce me.

I was so happy to see all of those faces! Some I knew, some I did not.

This photo below is of me and my sister, Krystal. You might recognize her as the sea witch from Blood and Stars, depicted in the sticker above. She helped serve cake 🙂

My favorite part about these events is when I get to meet my readers.

Jaime Lee Mann

The look on my face in the next photo pretty much captures how I felt on the inside that evening.

Jaime Lee MannIt was just a perfect event. Thanks to all of you who shared the event and those who dropped in to say hello and just everyone reading this. You’re all so important to me.



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