Sunny with a chance of brainstorms (and cheese)

Monday! I love Mondays. A new week to tackle, full of surprises.

I am currently drinking coffee at a great little spot called Kettleblack on Kent Street Marche in downtown Charlottetown. They roast their own beans here. The coffee is wonderful, and it cost me $1.

I had to ask the barista what year this is because a $1 coffee?

Apparently they do that for the early morning customers (it was 9am) and also if you bring your own mug, you get $1 coffee all day long! Best deal in Charlottetown, you guys. The staff is friendly, the space is beautiful, and the coffee is great.

So I’m here working (that’s the plan) before a meeting I have booked later this morning that I’m quite looking forward to. I get to be creative and brainstorm with someone I’ve known for many years and I’m pretty pumped about working with her professionally for the first time.

I just took a sip of coffee and sucked some into my windpipe and had one of those moments where you worry you’re going to choke to death in a coffee shop. That would be terrible.

Anyway, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.

Tonight’s supper is going to be pretty exciting. My veggie box had some beautiful Shishito peppers in it so naturally I picked up some Halloumi cheese and I’ll grill those yummies up and serve with some pickles and possibly some tomatoes and hummus and pita bread. It’s going to be delicious. I am currently obsessed with Halloumi cheese which is unfortunate because it’s expensive. And people should only eat so much cheese, but, man.

Ok. I’m going to sign off now and do some brainstorming. After my meetings and before I pick up my daughter from her day camp, I plan on heading to Rhyme for an hour or so. That would be a dream because I got 0% of the writing done this weekend that I’d hoped to. But today is a new day, right?

Have an awesome Monday, beautiful people.

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