Sushi and veggies and writing

Sunday morning in Morell means a visit to the Farmer’s Market! At least for a couple more weeks.

I have a CSA box (Community Supported Agriculture) which means I get a big bunch of fresh veggies from Seaspray Organics every single weekend. It’s always a surprise, so I get to create a bunch of meals for the week around the contents of my weekly order. I am grateful for my farmers Byron and Carina and I’m so thankful for the food they lovingly grow. It’s nice to get to hug them every week. And I love eating cherry tomatoes.

I’m also excited about this afternoon because our family is visiting friends and we are going to eat sushi. Friends and sushi go together very well.

You’re probably wondering if my oven still has glass in it. You’ll be pleased to know (I’m sure this has been keeping you up at night) that I did get the oven cleaned out (enough) yesterday to be able to use it again. I don’t like using chemical oven cleaners, so I made a paste out of vinegar and baking soda and I’m not sure it was really much of a match for the amount of chicken slop that landed on the oven floor, but when I was done, I cranked the heat of the oven and let the house fill with smoke until it stopped, so I think I burned off all of the worst of it.

I’m an awesome housekeeper.

While I’m in Charlottetown today I’m going to pick up a poster I had made for my upcoming book launch, so that’s exciting. One thing off the list! I also called a person about a cake, but now that I think of it, I haven’t heard back. I better follow up on that. Thanks for the reminder.

On that note, I think I’ll go hit the market then do some writing.

I hope to do a bit better than the 173 daily target my writing software has given me.

Wish me luck!


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