Volcanoes, Calla, and Masterchef

Tomorrow is Friday… how?

It is really hard to find a movie to watch as a family these days. I wonder how my parents did it back in the 80s and 90s without the help of Common Sense Media to tell them how much language or other inappropriate content was in any given movie.

I keep thinking of movies I’d love to watch with my kids but as soon as I look them up on that website, I change my mind. Things were different in the nineteen hundreds.

Currently, we are watching a disaster movie from 1997 called Volcano. It’s about a volcano and I think it was a very dumb film. If my memory serves me correctly, this movie came out right after Dante’s Peak. Another volcano movie. I believe I liked Dante’s Peak better. But it had Pierce Brosnan in it, so it wins, obviously.

I’m not sure what made volcano movies so popular in 1997. We sure did love our action films back then.

Guess what? I roasted a chicken today. And nothing exploded. I also banged my ankle and it really hurts.

The two events aren’t related.

Oh! I also made it to the gym this morning. Broke my streak of not exercising for three weeks. Go me!

And in Rhyme news, I took a fifteen minute break between client projects today to create a Pinterest board for Calla. That was an excellent use of time, don’t you think?

Update: it’s been 15 minutes and we have turned off Volcano. Too boring for the girls. Now, we’re watching Masterchef. Everybody loves Masterchef, right?

Aaaand, now I’m going to go back to Rhyme. I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Peace xo

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