Hi there!

I'm JL.

I write brand strategies, sales copy, and page-turners. Words are my jam. If they’re not yours, let’s be friends. 

Lisa Wells says:

The emails JL writes for me average at least a 30% open rate. If you ever get the chance to work with her, take it—you won't regret your choice.

I make ideas marketable.

Here are some random facts about me to help you decide if I’m the freelance creative writer for you:

⚡️ I book my time in focused one-day spurts so my clients enjoy lightning fast turnaround.

🥣 If you prefer oatmeal copy, my Lucky Charms writing style will be too much for you. (But it is magically delicious.)

📚 I’ve written more than 30 books since 2012. Some business books, some memoirs, some optioned for film.

❤️ I always lead with love.

🧘🏻‍♀️ I’ve developed an allergy to hustle culture and now start most of my days with meditation and yoga.

❄️ Everything I do is custom. I love structure and methods, but not templates.

🧜‍♀️ I live on an island because I am a mermaid.

🐿️ ADHD (obviously).

✌️ If a project doesn’t pass the vibe check, I don’t take it.

🛝 Play is my 2024 word of the year.

🤝 I do tons of agency work and love collaborating with creative directors, designers, other writers, and clients. 

💫 I’m a 5/2 Human Design Projector (Coincidentally, that is also my height).

💭 Wonder is my love language.

♊️ Gemini Sun ♑️ Capricorn Moon ♈️ Aries Rising

✅ I am a Level C Certified Brand Specialist ❤️ Brand Strategist 🧡 and Brand Architect 💛

🤓 My approach starts with getting clear on audience, so if we work together, that’s where we start! 

Think we’d hit it off? I invite you to book a clarity call! I’d love to chat. 

Brenda CAdman says:

"JL is THE BEST copywriting partner I could hope for. She can read my brain and put my thoughts into words in a way that I can't."

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