Copywriting classes start in September

Copywriting Classes

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I’ve been a copywriter for 15+ years. A lot has changed in that window of time. I started out learning how to write direct mail, radio commercials, and press releases. Then came websites, social media, and email funnels. But while marketing mediums and attention spans continue to change, one thing will always remain the same: buyers are people, not demographics.

This photo that floats around the Internet says it all.

If you want to sell with words, you have to know exactly who your ideal customer is as a human. You have to know what they care about, and how you can make their life better.

You might be the greatest writer in the world, but until you’re clear on those two things, your copy just isn’t going to convert the way you want it to. 

Even if you hate writing and claim to be “no good at it,” when you know your audience, it gets SO much easier. Writing copy for your business will start to feel like you’re messaging a friend. 

I’m in the middle of developing a six-week series of copywriting classes, with a focus on getting clear on your audience, your difference, and finding the voice to bridge the two. 

Here’s the plan: 

  • I’ll run the program through a private Facebook Group
  • There will be an interactive 90-minute workshop each week 
  • I won’t assign any homework—work will happen on our calls
  • You can ask as many questions as you like and I’ll host a live Q&A session each week 
  • You’ll learn my best tricks so that writing copy no longer feels like a chore

The price to join this special beta launch is $997 which is a great deal for getting access to my brain. (A day of my time sells for $2,000) 

If I decide to run these classes again, the price will be going up to at least $2000, so if you’re interested, take me up on this offer. If you plan to spend any money on marketing your business in 2022, this investment is going to pay for itself very quickly.

We’ll be starting in September with a maximum of ten founding members—first come, first served!

So. Ready to learn how to write copy that does what you want it to?  Sign up here!

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