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Get your hands on my favourite writing tricks!

I see you over there… cringing at the messaging on your website. You’re great at so many things that tripping over your own sales copy drives you up a tree, doesn’t it?

Please stop being so hard on yourself. 

If writing’s a slog for you, it could be that you paid too much attention in high school English class.

You’re not writing an essay for Mrs. Parkman to grade (Hi, Mrs. Parkman!👋🏼). You’re trying to sell something to someone with an eight-second attention span.🐠

I’ve compiled ten of my favourite copywriting tricks into one slick little PDF. Those tips will help you write copy that:

a. converts readers to customers
b. sounds natural
c. feels authentic

If you haven’t already tapped that green button, go ahead and give’er, so I can send you the list. 

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