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(PS: Copywriting classes start in September—ten spots available! Register here.)

You finally hit send.

After taking an hour (time you didn’t have) to sit down and (begrudgingly) write an email to your list, your message is out there. 

You fussed with each and every word, rewrote the subject line (six times), and ran it through Grammarly to avoid dangling participles. Now you relax and forget about it.

Ha ha ha. No. 

This is where you obsessively check your open rates for the rest of the day, hoping for your inbox to light up with sales. 

And then it doesn’t. Now you’re more confused than Ralph Furley in basically every episode of Three’s Company.

You thought it was a good email!

So why aren’t people clicking? Why isn’t your stuff converting? 

  • Is it the copy? 
  • The subject line? 
  • The offer? 
  • Is it the quality of your leads? 
  • Should you be using ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign? 
  • Or is it Mercury Retrograde? 🤔

You aren’t getting the engagement you want on social media, either. Or your website. It doesn’t seem to matter if you write the content yourself or outsource the soul-sucking task to a VA or copywriter or social media manager… your marketing just isn’t doing much. Which doesn’t make sense. 

You know you have a great offer at a good price point—your clients and customers rave about you. But you’re having a tough time generating new leads and that’s starting to get scary because you like nice things. 

I know why this might be happening to you. 

(I’ve been there myself… and I’m a damn copywriter!)

If your copy isn’t doing what you want it to, it has little to do with the quality of your writing and everything to do with how well you know the person reading it. 

The more effort you put into understanding your audience, the better your conversion. Full stop.

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The Mann Method Copywriting Program

(Where word-weary entrepreneurs learn to turn readers into buyers.)

There are oodles of quality programs out there that teach copywriting. I’ve taken many of them myself. And frankly? I’m tired of the template thing. 

You can’t just copy and paste your way into someone’s heart. Your business isn’t Mad Libs! 

Until you know your customer almost as well as you know yourself, a collection of templates and formulas isn’t going to help.

I will teach you how to get clear on your positioning, audience, and brand voice. We’re going to do some digging for a few weeks and then I’ll share my copywriting tricks to pull everything together. 

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Week One: Why?

This week, you’ll be tasked with getting clear on the reason why you’re in business and who you want to matter to. (See how I just ended a sentence with a proposition? That’s not grammatically correct, but it’s how I speak in real life. That’s the kind of copywriting Mannsplaining you can expect from me.) We’ll talk about business frustrations, goals, and branding basics. 

Week Two: What’s your difference?

With clarity from last week about why you’re in business and where you want to be in the future, we’ll dig into what you do better than everyone else. What’s your difference? What gap do you fill in the marketplace? What do you care about the most? We’re going to get to the heart of why people choose you out of all other options. 

Week Three: Who’s your audience? (Part 1 of 2) 

Now that we know what makes you special, we’ll get clear on your customer. I’m not talking about basic demographics here. I mean figuring out their dreams, fears, and desires. What are their habits, personality quirks, and the things that keep them up at night? 

Week Four: Who’s your audience? (Part 2 of 2) 

After spending a week thinking about the person you’re in business to serve, during this session, we’ll map out the journey they’re on and where you fit on their path. This is where you get clear on what that person needs to hear to buy from you. 

Week Five: How do you sound? 

Ohhh I love this one! This week you’ll get clear on your brand personality, as well as your vision, mission, and values. This is where things really start to come together as we look at how your messaging has to sound if you want your newly defined audience to respond. 

Week Six: Copywriting fundamentals

In this week’s 90-minute intensive, I’ll share all of my tips and tricks for writing copy that converts. We’ll talk about subject lines, where I stand with SEO, calls to action, and how to write to engage your reader. 

When you sign up as a beta member, you’re getting: 

  • Six live 90-minute modules + access to the recordings
  • A workbook to keep track of everything
  • Bonus exercises between sessions to amp up your results
  • Live Q&As each week
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • First dibs on seats in future courses
  • Plus two 1:1 30-minute clarity calls with me: one before we start and one after we finish

Not quite sure this is for you?

I don’t care for “this is for you if” and “this is not for you if” lists, but people love reading them, and I aim to please, so:

This program is for you if:

  • You want better return on your marketing spends
  • You struggle with writer’s block
  • People don’t seem to understand what you do 
  • You’re trying to be everything to everyone and it’s exhausting
  • You write copy for multiple businesses (I’m looking at you, social media manager)
  • You want to change the world in your own special way and want to learn how to connect with the right people  

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re operating your business as a commodity and not a brand
  • You won’t be able to commit to the weekly calls (Mondays at 2 pm EST)
  • You have an aversion to making money 
  • You don’t like having fun while learning

What’s the investment?

As a beta user, you can get in on this for one payment of $997 or two payments of $599. 

For context: I sell my time for $2,000/day—my hourly rate works out to $250. If you add up the time you’ll have with me through the weekly sessions, live Q&As and clarity calls, it works out to a cash value of $4,000. Not including the additional support offered via the Facebook Group. The next time I run this program, it will be going for at least $2,000.  

We start in September. Click the button below to join us.

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