One cup, two cups, red cup, blue cup.

will landfills be stanfilled?

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Way back in the day (when all Stanleys were green),

all bottles were glass — it was nineteen thirteen.

And old William Stanley liked coffee drank hot,
But while working outside, only colder it got.

After one million gluggulous glugs of cold brew,
Old William Stanley knew just what to do.

“I’ve got it!” he cried. “I’ll apply insulation!
To keep hot drinks hot for the whole thirsty nation.

I will make it with steel and a strong vacuum seal.
One will last a whole lifetime—a heckuva of a deal!

Oh, the places we’ll go with this portable cup,
And with one drinking vessel our waste won’t pile up.”


Oh! Stanley Oh!
How his business did grow…
for more than one hundred whole years in a row!

But now, selling one cup
at a time
was tooooo slow.

So a quencher was made
to promote good hydration
it would fill the drink needs of the thirstiest nation!

But what good is a cup if it won’t match your fit?
So they made ALL the colours, creating a hit.

More hues you could choose, and more sizes, more styles!
When a new Stanley drops, people line up for miles!

One Stanley won’t do. No, certainly not.

So they had to grow bigger.
And bigger they got.

They biggered their market. They biggered their cups.
They Tikked and they Tokked with big uppity ups.

They biggered their sales as they biggered their feeds.
And they biggered their money, which everyone needs.

But amid all this biggering,
Something’s amiss…

What would old Stan have to say about this?

Because one thing we know about trendulous trends
Is how quickly one starts. And how quickly one ends.

Stanleys were not made to hoard and display,
They were built for forevers, not just for one day.

Now the way things are going with limited drops,
More colours and sizes at Stanley Cup shops…

I can’t help but wonder, in three years or five,
Will the Stanley Cup trend then be dead or alive?

With new uppity-ups with their own favourite cups
Will the Stanleys be sitting on shelves wearing dust?

Will they be handed down to the next generation?
For colourful portable ice-cold hydration?

Or is it more likely that they will be tossed?
And then that is when a brand purpose is lost.

For those who chose Stans for a less wasteful life,
To carry one now may be met with some strife.

Because Stanleys were built so you’d need only one.
But making more millions is what must be done.


So my question to you, if you, too, have a brand,

Is: how strong is the purpose upon which you stand?

Not sure? That’s alright. You would not be alone…

I’d be happy to help you. Just pick up the phone.

If you could read my mind, love

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