What’s all this talk about brand voice?

brand voice

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Last year, I fell in love with a 30-day yoga challenge. It helped center me and got me moving after a spell in the fitness relocation program.

This daily practice was warm and nurturing and loving. I became obsessed (which happens to me a lot because adhd) with the program and subscribed as a paying member of this yoga community.

Then, one day, I got an autoresponder about my subscription. And it didn’t sit right…

Where’s the personality? The warmth? The love?

There’s nothing there to suggest I was paying to be a member of a beautiful, rejuvenating, nurturing daily yoga community. No mention of the benefits, or what I’d be missing out on if I didn’t keep it up.

That email was just plain cold. It was obviously a canned message that nobody took the time to edit.

Here’s an example of how I may have rewritten that autoresponder:

See the difference?

When starting a business, most people understand the importance of establishing a visual brand… the way your business will look. But the same amount of thought doesn’t always go into how that business will sound.

Your brand needs a voice as much as it does a look. 

When you take the time to develop your brand’s voice, it will help establish your brand culture, your customers will feel heard and understood, and you will always know what to say. All of this will result in connection and brand loyalty.

So how do you go about Cheez Whizzing your business and adding personality in all the right places? That’s what I’m here for.

For anyone who was not a child of the 80s, may I bring you… context:

If you could read my mind, love

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