Which comes first? Content or design?

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I’ve had the same conversation about ten million times. The one where somebody calls and needs content for their website or brochure or what have you, and zut alors! they’ve left it to the last minute. The design is done. Photography is ready. Colours are chosen. 

All we need now is words… quelle surprise! 

It’s quite common for messaging to be a last-minute consideration, but it really shouldn’t be!

Design is important, of course. But, looks are only going to get you so far. 

My job as a copywriter is to draw people into your story so that if they need what you’re selling, they’ll choose you to buy it from.

Good content brings value to your brand. And creating good content takes time. 

If you want to convert visitors to customers, then your content has to be more of a concern than simply replacing the Lorem Ipsum on your website. 

Words matter. 

An experienced brand copywriter will need time to dig into your business. To ask lots of questions about the problems you solve and why people choose you over your competitors. This is a must, to truly understand the needs of your customers and to create messaging that will resonate with them. 

In a perfect world, your content and design won’t be created in silos. In the best collaborations I’ve been involved in, the writer leads the creative process, so the designer has a good grasp on the heart and the voice of the brand. It then becomes a beautiful cooperative process. 

Engage your writer early. 

If all you want are words on the page, fine. Slap a little “Welcome to our Website” action up there and call it a day. But, if you expect your content to work for you, copy really can’t be an afterthought. If you could use some help with your messaging, we should talk. 

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