They call me a gold digger.

What’s your story?

Not the “we did this, then we did that” chronological history on your current website.  Nah. I hate to break it to you, but nobody really cares about that.

We want to hear the story that you can’t tell without choking up.

That’s the gold. And that’s what’s going to capture the hearts of the very people you are in business to serve. 

I’m rather good at digging into this stuff. Grab a tissue and let’s get to the good stuff! 

Callie Croken says:

"Being confused about how to explain your offer to your audience in a way that lands, leads to zero impact and zero cash in your business. JL has a brilliant mind, and she leads with authenticity and love. She has a way of quickly defining your brand and clarifying your message in a way that not only stands out, but converts. Working with her has been one of the best investments that I've made."

Copywriting and Brand Strategy

You need content that connects with your audience in a way that engages them to keep reading until they’re ready to buy. 

I write content that’s compelling, conversational, and persuasive without being gross. I can handle your website copy, email campaigns, lead magnets, and other random marketing pieces that you keep putting off. 

If you’re not sure who your audience is or what you’re trying to say, that’s where we’ll start.

Give me a day and I’ll give you words that sell. 

The One-Day Intensive

It’s amazing what we can accomplish in a focused day together, in a room or on a Zoom.

If you have a website you’re struggling to finish, a sales funnel that has to get done, or a lack of consistent messaging throughout your enterprise, may I offer you a hit of my ADHD hyperfocus? 

How goes my one-day intensive?
On the day of…


The One-Week Immersion

Let’s get this weight off your shoulders and make you some money.

For a full workweek, I’ll be at your service. This is a completely customized package—tailored just for you. Even if you’re not sure what needs to be done or in what order, you can relax. That’s what I’m here for.

Book your clarity call, and if we’re a fit, a deposit will hold your spot. 




What’s bugging you about your business right now? Can you relate to any of these thoughts?
You secretly fear that if you don’t make some changes soon, you’ll have to close your doors.

✋🏻Stop right now! Thank you very much. You need a brand that has a human touch. 

Hey you, always on the run. Gotta slow it down, baby, gotta have some fuuuuun.

Yes, those are lyrics of a Spice Girls song, but they totally apply here. You should actually go listen to that song right now and dance some of your stress out.

Before you make any big changes in your business, heed the advice of the Spice.

Stop right now. Let’s figure out why these things are happening before investing in any major design or structural changes.

I’m here to tell you that if there’s a deeper issue causing those problems (and I suspect there is), slapping up a new logo and changing your font isn’t a sustainable fix. Sure, you might get some buzz when you put 💄 on your 🐷, but eventually you’ll land back in the same spot you’re in now.

(It’s probably not as simple as a new logo.)

Define what you’re doing and who you’re doing it for before sitting down with a designer. Or a copywriter. Or a Facebook ad manager. Give those good people something solid to work with, for the love of all things holy! 

Interested in the Define Before Design process for your business?
Book a clarity call! 

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